Virtumed 360

An Immersive Tele-Diagnostic Platform

“Virtumed 360 provides a platform that can bring together an underprivileged patient in the middle of the African desert with a physician at Stanford medical center for the diagnosis and treatment of a rare disease”

The VirtuMed 360 is an immersive tele-diagnostic system that will take telemedicine to the next level by offering a  3D experience based on real-time clinical data. The system will bring doctors and patients together in a virtual environment with new augmented reality and artificial intelligence applications, so patients all over the world can benefit from consulting with top medical professionals. We will use the most advanced technologies to democratize access to the highest quality care in the world. Designed for use by physicians, pharmacies, medical spas and clinics, patients, nursing homes; and other healthcare providers, the point-of-care system will use clinical information and predictive analytics to detect and stop the spread of disease.

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